A new version of ECtools has been released with the addtion of US code ACI318-11 & ASCE/SEI 7-10.

The software upgrade for ACI318-11 & ASCE/SEI 7-10 is only available to users of Scia Engineer, while the Eurocodes functionality is also available to Etabs 9.x users.

The software may be downloaded from the download tab of our site, or from Nemetscheck Scia.

Download area

Nemetschek SCIA and ECtools sponsored 2nd ECEES in Istanbul

ECtools and Nemetschek Scia  sponsored the 2nd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering & Seismology 24-29 October 2014 in Istanbul.

Several presentations of the new software developements were attended by academic users and practicing engineers.

Nemetschek Scia and Penelis Consulting Engineers SA developed a detailed and comprehensive verificatio manual for Scia Engineer and ECtools applying the ACI 318-11 concrete code. The verification has been based on comparison to Etabs2013 (c) a world renowed structural analysis software.

The report may be downloaded from the download tab of our site,

ACI Verification Document

or from the Nemetscheck Scia site:

ACI Verification Document

In case of furter investigation, the source files are available here.