Nemetschek Scia, 3π presented ECtools and Scia Engineer 2011 in Eurodyn2011, in Leuven Belgium

Nemetschek SCIA and 3π presented the launching of ECtools and Scia Engineer 2011 during the EURODYN2011, Eighth International Conference on Structural Dynamics which took place in Leuven,
Belgium, from 4 to 6 July 2011. The international academia and practicing engineers who participated took an interest in the Seismic Design capabilities of the new co-operation between Nemetschek Scia and 3π-Penelis Software ltd.

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Nemetschek Scia, 3π and Techsciense presented ECtools and Scia Engineer 2011 in Greece

Nemetschek SCIA, 3π and Techscience presented to two large audiences of civil engineers the launching of ECtools and Scia Engineer 2011 on the 14th June 2011 in Athens and the 15th of June 2011 in Thessaloniki at 18.00.

The Athens event took place at the Golden Age Hotel and was oppenned by the em. professor of NTUA Dr. P. Karydis and the president of the Greek Association of Civil Engineers Mr. N. Zygouris.

The Thessaloniki event will took place at the Concert Hall and was oppenned by the professor of AUTH and secretary of EAEE Dr. A. Kappos and the president of  Association of Civil Engineers of Thessaloniki Mr. E. Pertzinidis.

First Part, General Presentation (Athens event)
Second Part, Detailed Examples (Thessaloniki event)

The all new ECtools has been formally been released. This new version of the software has incorporated all the features of ECtools but with the following additions:

- Full co-operation with the upcoming new SCIA Engineer 2011

- Use of all available National Annexes

- Use of several EU languages for the technichal report

- Fire design according to EN1992

Comparison of Eurocodes versions

Comparison of Greekcodes versions

Download ECTools v.1.x