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The building is a modern shopping center (Mall) of 43,000m² designed for the center of Zagreb. It consists of five R/C storeys, four basements and a steel roof. The consultancy services included, amongst others, the design and tendering of the excavation pit, the checking of the preliminary and final design according to the structural Eurocodes and the assistance during supervision of works.

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A twelve storey office building with three basements with a R/C structural system. The total area of the building is 15,000m². The consultancy services included, amongst others, the review of the final structural design, the resolve of disagreements between the developer and the contractor and the technical assistance till the completion of the structural system.

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The project is the construction of a new modern department store at the plot of the existing Hirch Arcade in Thessaloniki, by preserving the façade at Tsimiski Ave. and the arcade from Tsimiski to Mitropoleos. The design foresees the strengthening of the existing basement and ground floor of the R/C building, the demolition of all the floors above at the Tsimiski part and the reconstruction of the five new storey’s using composite construction. The total area of the new buildings is approximately 14,000m². The consultancy services included, among other, the complete structural design, the permit issuance and the supervision of the works.

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