Eurocode Products Comparison

Features/Version ECtools Basic ECtools Advanced ECtools URM
Design of R/C linear elements  
Design of R/C shell elements for walls  
Separate editor for RC walls which includes all the specific characteristics (edge columns, minimum dimensions etc)  
Current European Concrete and Seismic code (EC2 and EC8)  
Shear capacity design  
Joints capacity design  
Torsional response checks  
Check for avoiding capacity design of joints  
Store displacements and drifts checks
Calculation of seismic joint with adjacent buildings
Check for P-δ effect  
Production of comprehensive calculation report for the building
Unreinforced or Reinforced masonry wall design (shell elements) according to EC6  
Preparation of the static nonlinear analysis (pushover) model by inserting the nonlinear hinges according to the results of the design and FEMA356 guidelines    
Section designer NOUS that permits the design of arbitrary complex R/C wall or column sections using ETABS/SCIA Engineer analysis results
Design of rehabilitated R/C or masonry sections with separate materials for the core existing section and the mantel(jacket) section  
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